Hi I'm Jeff!

I'm a veteran writer of ads, videos, websites, commercials, and new media projects for many of the world's largest companies, television networks, government agencies, publishers, and non-profit groups. Most recently, I served as Director of Content at Integrated Media Solutions, a publisher of commercial and clinical print, video, and digital content for the dental trade. Over the past dozen years, I have focused primarily on pharma- and dental-related projects. At Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sanofi, Pfizer, Bayer, CSL Behring, Impact Unlimited, and other companies, I have been called upon to create and develop concepts for ads, sales videos, trade show booths, headlines, slogans, and product launches.

My assignments include interactive viz-aids, rep-triggered letters to physicians and pharmacists, web copy, support materials relating to financial aid for patients, product brochures, banner ads, airport billboards, trade show booth activities, recruiting materials, public service announcements, and instructional materials for self-administration of therapies to new patients.

I have worked solo and led teams of creative people on projects and productions spanning many therapeutic areas.

Let me show you what I can do for you!

What some pharma agency people are saying about my work...

Jeff is my 'go to' writer. Whether it's a simple executive communication or a full-blown campaign, his work is creative, funny, and spot on. He quickly grasps your project objectives then turns around several creative solutions almost immediately.
Michael Finan, Executive Producer, Sanofi

I worked with Jeff Ginsberg for 3 years at Bristol-Myers Squibb. He's an intelligent and creative guy with a good understanding of the pharma industry. Collaborative, energetic and fun, Jeff always succeeded in his projects and he determinedly made every deadline (which meant some serious late nights a few times). He takes direction and feedback very well and never exhibits “prima donna syndrome” too often associated with copywriters.

When I went on vacation, I always asked for Jeff to be my backup because I trusted him to handle my accounts with the same care that I take. And he always did. We often double-teamed a project—especially on video scripts—with Jeff doing more of the creative brainstorming regarding concept, look and feel and I would focus on medical content. It was a winning combination for many projects. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff Ginsberg as a copywriter (in pharma or any industry) without any reservations.
Carla Lemmons, Senior Copywriter, Bristol-Myers Squibb

For over fifteen years Jeff has been more than a script writer, he has worked with our top clients in developing the ideas that have turned in to a script and then went on to win top awards in corporate video production. I consider him a good friend as well as a master of the words.
Frank Farrell, Producer/Director, Custom Video Productions

"Valde laus of scriptor" (Great praise of the writer). The time I have worked with Jeff I found him to be a reliable, dedicated, conscientious and an excellent member of the team. His outgoing personality and creative vision have made for a great collaborative process. I like the way he brings a smart and fresh take to a broad range of projects throughout multiple forms of media.
Thomas Byrnes, Art Director, Oncology Brands, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Jeff and I have worked on a wide variety of writing projects for a diverse group of clients. He is a creative, detail-oriented writer who easily grasps and communicates the key messages that the client wants conveyed in a task. Additionally, Jeff has demonstrated an ability to add value to his writing by helping clients develop communication strategy and tactics for his assignments.
Jack Boyle, MD, Senior Medical Copywriter, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Jeff presents a diversified professional background with a valuable skill-set that would be an asset to any team. He also embraces any challenge, and demonstrates a collaborative spirit on any project that he's assigned.
Laura Sutera, Senior Account Executive, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Jeff is able to prioritize tasks for the team in such an efficient manner that operations run very smoothly. The reason for this is also because of a high level of planning that Jeff puts into all endeavors and that he always seems to have every angle covered so that when issues do arise, due to Jeff's foresight ahead of time, such issue become resolved very quickly. Project management wise, the aforementioned speaks to Jeff’s high abilities in this field, as does the fact that he always has come in on schedule and under budget. From a communications level, Jeff also has a great ability to break down larger, complex matters into manageable pieces that those on his team can understand and can act on immediately and quickly, with very little direction (also a credit to his ability to have all angles covered so even his team is made aware of any possible pitfalls that may arise). Anyone who can come into a high level content direction position, especially in such an unknown field as Dental, and is able to affect change to better processes as Jeff has done, is also a credit to his leadership skills (change is not easy in such an industry).
Jason Schwartz, Editor, Dental Product Shopper