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Take your pharma copy to the next level. Jeff's award-winning content grabs attention. His words and concepts are compelling and scientifically accurate for healthcare professionals and easily understandable for patients and caregivers. He has a proven track record in creating persuasive and informative copy for a variety of marketing materials, including websites, brochures, interactive visual aids, emails, billboards, and social media. With his help, clients are able to promote, launch, and rebrand their products with confidence. To capture attention and motivate action, Jeff’s prescription-strength copy is just what the doctor ordered.

Jeff Ginsberg

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  • Jeff is a talented copywriter. He’s passionate and hard-working. He delivered above and beyond creative thinking to help elevate client’s brands. It was a pleasure working with him!

    VP/Creative Director

  • Creatively, Jeff is a rare gem — prolific with exciting ideas that truly showcase the passion he feels for his work. A seasoned "ad man," Jeff brings a wealth of interesting, diverse experience to the table, writing for both patient and HCP audiences with ease. So, if you're looking for a big thinker who delivers interesting, strategic ideas, as well as punchy, poignant, persuasive copy, Jeff is your guy.

    Creative Director

  • Jeff is my 'go to' writer. Whether it's a simple executive communication or a full-blown campaign, his work is creative, funny, and spot on. He quickly grasps your project objectives then turns around several creative solutions almost immediately.

    Executive Producer

  • For over fifteen years Jeff has been more than a script writer, he has worked with our top clients in developing the ideas that have turned in to a script and then went on to win top awards in corporate video production. I consider him a good friend as well as a master of the words.


  • "Valde laus of scriptor" (Great praise of the writer). The time I have worked with Jeff I found him to be a reliable, dedicated, conscientious and an excellent member of the team. His outgoing personality and creative vision have made for a great collaborative process. I like the way he brings a smart and fresh take to a broad range of projects throughout multiple forms of media.

    Art Director

  • Jeff and I have worked on a wide variety of writing projects for a diverse group of clients. He is a creative, detail-oriented writer who easily grasps and communicates the key messages that the client wants conveyed in a task. Additionally, Jeff has demonstrated an ability to add value to his writing by helping clients develop communication strategy and tactics for his assignments.

    Senior Medical Copywriter

  • Jeff presents a diversified professional background with a valuable skill-set that would be an asset to any team. He also embraces any challenge, and demonstrates a collaborative spirit on any project that he's assigned.

    Senior Account Executive

  • It has been my pleasure over the last couple months to work with Jeff. He stepped in to cover copywriting responsibilities, both internal marketing and client work for Arteric, including social media, blog articles, website updates. His diligence, production-rate and general good humour were recognized by the whole team, and his pleasant demeanor enabled him to bed-in with the team effortlessly. His writing is fresh, with great cadence, easy to digest and always delivers. The team loved working with him and I would happily hire him again should the opportunity arise.

    Creative Director

  • Jeff and I have worked together as copywriter/art director on numerous projects. His artful knack for asking the right questions to obtain the right answers are the building blocks to his successful writing. Jeff is extremely skillful working up complex creative solutions, as well as crafting industry knowledge into impactful messaging. His analytical approach, mixed with subjective innovation, yields extremely thoughtful and creative copy. The more moving parts to the project, the better I felt knowing Jeff was assigned to it.

    Associate Director

  • I had the pleasure of working with Jeff during his time with GSW-W. He was one of the writers during the launch of two new indications. I like the way Jeff is always looking for ways to make our written materials more patient-friendly. For instance, he looks at instructional materials from the patients' point of view and identifies gaps and things that might be confusing (or scary), so that we can fix them. Sometimes they're subtle details, but his ideas do improve things.

    Associate Director, Marketing

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